6 New Advanced Flash Animation Tutorials from Hexjibber!!!

Hi Everyone!
I’ve posted 6 new free Flash animation tutorials, dealing with some fundamental and more advanced techniques. Check out all 73 of my Flash tutorials here, covering everything from the the basics onwards, if you want to blow your mind!


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The Hexjibber Anti Revision Book, now available on Amazon!

Anti Revision Book Front Cover v37 colour very new design

Ok, so it took me a while to get on Amazon, but now my Anti Revision Book is available online! Why not purchase a copy for a lover, beloved friend, embittered enemy or vague acquaintance!
It is priced £9.99. Click here to buy a copy.


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Hexjibber unveils 16 new Elemental/Special Effects Tutorials!

Hi Everyone,
I have created 16 exciting new tutorials which show how to create Elemental and Special Effects animation in Flash. I have used After Effects to create templates, which can be traced over and improved in Flash. Best of all, they’re free!!!!
Check them out below!

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Thought Bubble 2013

Thanks to everyone who visited my stall at Thought Bubble this year. See below for some photos. If you did some colouring, I may have snapped you!

Day 1:

Day 2:


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New Video Tutorials!!!


I’ve been busy updating my video tutorials. There are some new Flash ones and I have also begun making After Effects tutorials too. So, if you ever wanted to learn, there has never been a better time to jump on board. Plus, the are free!

You might have noticed that I have renamed the ‘Learn Flash’ menu link to ‘Learn’. You can now access both the ‘Learn Flash‘ and the new ‘Learn After Effects‘ sections from here.

Frame by Frame

Animé Techniques

After Effects Basics

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