Featured Tutorial of the Week 050

Last week, we look at editing text in Flash, this week we look at animating it!

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Featured Tutorial of the Week 049

This week we look at how to use the text tool in Flash. Classic and TLF text are covered in this lesson, as well as text filters.

TLF text has been retired as of Flash CC 2013. From 2013 onwards, only Classic Text is available.

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Featured Tutorial of the Week 048

Last week, we looked at Lip Sync basics. This week, we look at how to improve the look of lip synced animation with some facial animation. We look at referencing frames nested within a symbol, using the ‘Single Frame’ Graphic Symbol option.

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More Speed Drawings

Here are the latest speed drawings from my book about insomnia. There isn’t any text yet, but it shows you my process.

See here for earlier speed drawings, plus about of blurb about the book. Updates here and here.

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Adult Colouring Books

Adult colouring books are all the rage at the moment, but did you know that I made one… almost 10 years ago! I am so ahead of the times!

Are you an adult, who is looking for some colouring in? Are you are sick of all the ones about mindfulness? Why not try some that are about nonsense instead?

Adult Colouring Book by Hexjibber

The Hexjibber Colouring Book!

Adult Colouring Book by Hexjibber!

The Hexjibber Anti Revision Book!









The Hexjibber Colouring and Activity Book was designed for people who like to question authority, subvert the rules and behave in a silly fashion. Except the rules of global capitalism, as it is £6.99 via Amazon.

Are you tired of procrastinating in a pointless way on Facebook, tidying your desk, or alphabetising your forks? Then learn to procrastinate creatively, with The Hexjibber Anti Revision Book! £9.99 on Amazon!

The perfect Christmas present for a strange friend, weird sibling, or bizarre grandparent.

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